April 24-25, 2019 / Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA
DevNet Create is the only conference that joins the forces of infrastructure and application development. From mashing up NOCs and DevOps for NetDevOps, to leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts, DevNet Create exposes innovative ways of approaching hard enterprise issues.
  • Hands-on learning matched with cross-vertical and cross-platform sessions featuring a breadth of developer tools and frameworks.
  • An intimate setting to connect with peers and meet leaders in the world of infrastructure and application development.

Enterprise Transformation

Real time data, AI/ML, and programmable infrastructure are changing the way you do business. Making smart business decisions requires data collection, analysis of that data, and visibility into data. But, what tools and methodologies help you make the right decisions? How are these new technologies used in the enterprise and what problems are they solving?  What kind of data is generated and what business insights are created?  This track covers it all and more. Here are a few ideas:
  • AI/ML Engineering
  • AI/Dev/NetOps Workflows
    - CI/CD
    - Injection of AI/ML
  • APIs enabling change in the enterprise
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Data science tools/frameworks/solutions
  • GPU driven databases
  • Real-time dashboards and executive UI design
  • Network, application, and security telemetry 
  • Analytics and metrics solutions for particular verticals (Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, and so on.)

Design, User Experience, & APIs

Thoughtful design during a project results in an engaging and useful experience for your end user. This design work is not limited to the end solution but touches on the building blocks necessary to get to that end solution (such as APIs). Sessions for consideration in this track should introduce concepts in design thinking and how they are applied, as well as frameworks to guide relevant user experience. Here are a few hints:
  • Design Thinking
  • Workplace Collaboration
    - Bots for the enterprise
    - Modern workplace
    - Embedding voice and video
  • API Design and Developer Experience
    - API best practices
    - API documentation
    - SDK generation
    - Building APIs (Graph, Streaming)
    - API Developer Tools
  • Bots for the Enterprise

IoT, Edge, & Mobile

From the datacenter to IoT and mobile devices, applications and their infrastructure must evolve to meet the new demands of connected devices.  Developers and architects have new decisions to make - where an application should run, how the application is deployed, and how to make the application secure.  Talks in this track will provide solid implementation methods applied to real uses cases and help you answer all those burning questions. Some sample topics include:
  • Edge and distributed computing
  • Smart buildings (including video and location)
  • Developing for the Edge
  • Location based/context aware applications 
  • Micro-services and Hybrid Cloud
  • Blockchain implementations
  • Security techniques across distributed environments: 
    - Firewalls
    - Threat Defense
    - Application Policies and Security
    - Malware Detection


Call for papers for DevNet Create 2019 is now closed. Thank you very much for all of the submissions! We cannot wait to seeing you in the event!


Tech talks

Tech Talks are 45 min presentations that explore a real-world solution.  We want you to tell us: What is the solution?  Why is the solution employed and what problem does it solve?  The tech talk must also include a description of how the solution was built, what tools and methodologies were employed and, finally, what is the measure of the solution’s success. No pitches!

Lightning talks

Lightning Demos are 10 min, demo-driven presentations that scratch the surface of a solution.  These will be more intimate engagements that approach a topic from a high level, allowing for conversation and questions. Be innovative, think out of the box. No pitches!


Workshops are 90 min sessions in a small group setting of 8 people.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own computers and code with you during the workshop.  Workshops are an excellent way to have close communication with your audience and the smaller format makes it easier for attendees to ask questions.  Each accepted workshop will be run two times, once on day one and again on day two. No pitches!


1401 N Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View
CA 94043