Are you a developer working on location-aware applications? Do you care about location analytics to drive business outcomes? Take the Meraki Challenge to qualify for a free Meraki Kit!
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Beginners: complete the self-paced Meraki Learning Module

Intermediate: complete 1 Meraki Mini-Hack

Advanced: Contribute to Awesome-Meraki Github repo

After taking one of the challenges, show it to the proctor at the DevNet Meraki Challenge booth to show you achievement! You will be granted a free Meraki switch with 3-year license!

What is Meraki?
With Cisco Meraki, every customer has direct access to our suite of cloud-based APIs, making it easier to deploy at scale, enable loyalty programs with WiFi splash pages, track the location of WiFi and BLE devices, and build analytics frameworks that help them make important decisions that will drive their business.   LEARN MORE

In order to make this even easier, we are investing in our developers by providing free hardware, sample code, and licensing—a million dollars-worth, in fact! So, take on the challenge for your free kit.
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Challenge 1: Complete Meraki Learning Module
The Meraki Learning Module consists of 3 self-paced Learning Labs to get you starting with the Meraki APIs. These labs are available for all DevNet members, with no coding experience required!
Getting started with Meraki 3 Labs
In just over one hour, learn the basics of interacting with Meraki's Dashboard API and then dive deeper into Meraki integrations by building your own wifi hotspot.
Challenge 2: Complete a Meraki Mini-hack
Are you an intermediate Meraki developer? Take an hour to complete one of the following mini-hacks below and demostrate your solution to the DevNet Staff in the conference!
Challenge 3: Contribute to Meraki GitHub Repo
Hello advanced Meraki developers! Are you ready to get hands-on building solutions using Meraki APIs? Contribute to the Github Repo, show it to our staff, and get a free Meraki switch! Below you can find some ideas to get you started.
Migration Assistant
Take the port configs from an HP Procurve or Dell Force10 switch and migrate it to a Cisco Meraki switch.
Security Action
Security event (e.g., email alert from dashboard for malware, SIEM alert) triggers a device to be located on a switch, and port changed to a remediation VLAN.
Field Tools
Create a front end in an environment. e.g., Dockers, that allows low level techs to change a limited number of parameters on a switchport.
Event-driven Actions
  • Life safety: A panic alarms gets pressed, record all MAC addresses and save them for forensic analysis later.
  • Fire alarm or building evacuation: Add SSID called ‘EVACUATE’ to all APIs
  • Building on emergency power: turn off APs systematically in order to allow the UPS battery to last longer.